Applications Open: Civic Literacy Youth Network (CLYN)

The Centre for Civic Religious Literacy is currently accepting applications for the next cohort of the Civic Literacy Youth Network (CLYN).

The CLYN is an online network and pan-Canadian community for youth and young adults (Grade 7 / SEC I to Year 4 undergraduate, inclusive), moderated by educators and researchers. It started because young people we talked with were concerned about increasing levels of racial and religious discrimination. The CLYN offers a space for youth and young adults across Canada to discuss related issues by incorporating a full spectrum of religious, spiritual and non-religious viewpoints. The network will include participants from urban and rural regions from across Canada as well as from different backgrounds (including Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, who are agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, humanist, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh, among other religious, spiritual, and non-religious affiliations). By the end of the project, participants will have gained experience and analytical skills in structured dialogue and engagement with their peers, and have an understanding of civic religious literacy.

Eligibility criteria: You must meet these criteria in order to apply.
• Between Grade 7 (Sec I) to fourth year university, inclusive (All under 22 years of age.)
• Are fluent in English or French
• Live in Canada
• Have access to stable internet connections

Deadline: Monday, September 18, 2023 by 9am PST

More information at: