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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religious Education in the Global South

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religious Education in the Global South welcomes critical papers that address both the confessional and post-confessional landscape upon which contemporary RE is predicated in the GS. In particular, we are keen to receive papers that offer local solutions to complex issues, ensuring not only the relevance of theory and practice but also the vibrancy of RE in its varied schooling contexts. Submissions are welcome from scholars and practitioners, and from a variety of perspectives, including historical, theological, philosophical, sociological and educational. For papers focusing on a similar issues/topic, we encourage authors to collaborate across countries and/or regions, and integrate their papers into a single submission. Submission of abstracts are due 30th March 2019, with announcement of accepted abstracts on 30 May 2019. For more details contact editor, Dr Yonah H. Matemba:

Anthem Studies in Catholic Education

Anthem Studies in Catholic Education provides the first centralized venue for critical studies in the field of Catholic Education. The series will address Catholic schooling but also Catholic Education broadly through theoretical and methodological interventions mostly absent from the field. Titles will approach the problem of a nuanced Catholic educational project drawing upon cultural studies, critical theories, feminist, queer, post-structural, new materialist, post humanist and/or curriculum studies lenses. We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars that meet the criteria of our series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published in print and e-book editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a monograph (mid-length and full-length), edited collection, handbook or companion, reference or course book, please contact us at:

Critical Perspectives on Religion and Education

Critical Perspectives on Religion and Education with Avner Segall and Myers Education. We imagine books in the series being aimed primarily at academics: researchers and graduate students in fields that might be ripe for a return to thinking with religion or about religion. This could include faculty and graduate students in curriculum studies, educational studies and those involved in teacher education, titles in this series could be used in a variety of graduate courses focusing on the history and sociology of education and in graduate and undergraduate courses in/about teacher education. We see a particular role titles in this series could play in undergraduate courses on issues of difference that are, by and large, mandatory in most teacher preparation programs in North America. This is because, while issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ability have long been addressed in such courses, religion, as a category of difference has mostly been absent, silenced, in part, by not having much literature on this issue. We hope that a series on religion and education will be able to address this gap. For more information contact Kevin Burke at or Avner Segall at

Secularisms, Sexuality Education, and Theology

The peer-reviewed journal of Sex Education is publishing a special edition on Secularism, Sexuality Education, and Theology. This call for papers seeks research articles that complexify not only the relationships between supposed secular, progressive sexuality education and its religious and purportedly regressive negative counterparts, but also looks to trouble the very idea of this clean split. Holding open the idea that, indeed, there are ways in which religious orientations to sexuality and its education are undoubtedly problematic—indeed in many ways historically, and contemporaneously in, for instance, recent abortion laws at the state level in the USA—we want to work through a different understanding of the relationship between sex and its education in relation to religions, spiritualities, theologies and secularisms. Authors might choose to address topics related to curriculum, policy and/or educational practices that narrowly and deeply target issues in primary/secondary/tertiary educational contexts or, more expansively, the ways in which sexuality is educated through the secular theologies of bars, city streets, public monuments, museums, advertising campaigns, fashion, parks, bathhouses, community centres, and so on. READ MORE >>