Peer-Reviewed Journals

Religion & Education

Religion & Education is an international peer-reviewed journal of research and reviews that advance civic understanding and dialogue on issues at the intersections of religion and education in public life. We broadly define religion (e.g., traditions, spirituality, secular worldviews) and education (e.g., formal and informal education within schools, professions, and communities).

British Journal of Religious Education

The British Journal of Religious Education promotes research which contributes to our understanding of the relationship between religion and education in all phases of formal and non-formal educational settings. BJRE publishes articles which are national, international and transnational in scope from researchers working in any discipline whose work informs debate in religious education.

Journal of Beliefs and Values

The principal aim of the Journal of Beliefs & Values: studies in religion and education is to publish original research and reviews relevant to fields of inquiry across the disciplines of theology and religious studies. It publishes rigorous studies from any methodological perspective. The journal has a particular focus upon religious, moral, spiritual and intercultural education, broadly conceived, in contemporary and historical perspective.

Religious Education

Religious Education, the journal of the Religious Education Association: An Association of Professors, Practitioners, and Researchers in Religious Education, offers an interfaith forum for exploring religious identity, formation, and education in faith communities, academic disciplines and institutions, and public life and the global community.

Journal of Interreligious Studies

The Journal of Interreligious Studies is a forum for academic, social, and timely issues affecting religious communities around the world. It is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to innovative research on and study of the interactions that take place within and between religious communities.

Tradition-Specific Journals

Christian Higher Education

Christian Higher Education is a peer-reviewed archival journal that features articles on developments being created and tested by those engaged in the study and practice of Christian higher education. This journal addresses issues in institutional mission, finance, enrollment management, innovative teaching methods, higher education administration, program assessment, faculty development, curriculum development, and student services.

International Studies in Catholic Education

As the first ever international and interdisciplinary journal devoted to the systematic study of Catholic education, in all its forms, across the world International Studies in Catholic Education welcomes articles from Theologian, Philosophers, Historians, Social and Natural Scientists, Educational Scholars and researchers as well as school leaders, administrators and teachers and members of Religious Congregations with missions in education.

Journal of Catholic Education

The Journal of Catholic Education (formerly Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice), is currently managed and edited by the University of Notre Dame and digitally hosted by Loyola Marymount University. We are an open access journal representing Catholic colleges and universities, Catholic education leaders, and scholars from a variety of disciplines who are collectively committed to contributing research and encouraging best practice in Catholic elementary, secondary, and higher education by advancing the field of Catholic educational research.

Journal of Jewish Education

The Journal of Jewish Education, the journal of the Network for Research in Jewish Education, is published four times per year. The journal provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for considering the diverse research and scholarly issues in Jewish education including curriculum and instruction, teacher preparation, Jewish identity development, history and philosophy of Jewish education, and the linkage between Jewish and general education.

Journal of Research on Christian Education

The Journal of Research on Christian Education (JRCE) provides a vehicle for the scholarly interchange of research findings relative to every level of Christian education. Particular emphasis is given to Christian schooling within the Protestant tradition as well as to research findings from other traditions which have implications for such schools.

Calls for Proposals

Special Issue of The Lion and the Unicorn: Twenty-First-Century Religion and Culture in Youth Literature

This special issue aims to revive and expand long-standing conversations about the roots and continued presence of religion in children’s literature, beyond consideration of early Christian influences. With an eye towards interfaith dialogue and inclusion, we will feature a variety of perspectives on religion and culture in children’s and young adult literature.

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