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Teacher Perspectives on Professional Development about Religious Literacy

Wednesday, February 23, 5pm (EST)

There are currently only a handful of regular opportunities for public school teachers to expand their knowledge of religious diversity, teaching about religion, and religious liberty. One of those opportunities is the Religious Literacy for Educators course that Chris Murray, a high school social studies teacher, has been offering to his colleagues in Montgomery County Public Schools for the past 5 years. This panel will feature four teachers who have participated in this program over the years. They will discuss why they chose to take the course, their experiences during the course, and what they took back to their classrooms afterwards. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to hear from early childhood, elementary, and middle school educators on their experiences with religious literacy education. 


Rehana Ahmed (6th & 7th grade Science)
Katherine Dann (Infants & Toddlers)
Kelsey Hickey (1st grade)
Vicky Kurtz (Infants & Toddlers)

More Information:

2019 Washington Post Article

2016 MCPS Article and Video


Photo Credit: Jonathan Ramirez, Washington Post Article (7/5/19)


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Developing Religious Literacy in Iowa Schools

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 — Mike Graziano, University of Northern Iowa

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