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Religion in State Education Policy

Bryan Kelley, State Education Policy Analyst

Monday, March 21 — 1pm (ET)

State policymakers often create policies that touch on religion in public education – for instance, teaching the Bible in public schools, recognizing religious holidays in school calendars, or requiring the display of “In God We Trust” in school buildings. In this session, Bryan will discuss education policy at the state level in general, introduce some organizations and resources that provide helpful information on state education policy, and provide some examples and trends on legislative actions regarding religion seen in state education policy in recent years. 

Selected Resources:

Bryan included links to many valuable resources throughout his presentation. You can access all of these in the slides linked below. Here is a selection of the available resources:

State Education Policy Tracking Tool (ECS)

Archive of education policy bills regarding religion, 1994-2016 (ECS)

Bill tracker from Education Week

Pending Supreme Court ruling on school prayer –

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