REC Seminars & Presentations

The View from the Classroom

March 24, 2021 — 4pm (ET)

A panel of current K-12 classroom teachers will share about their experience teaching about religion in both public and private schools. Some of the questions that will be discussed include:

  • What topics are most engaging to students?
  • How do students respond to learning about religion? 
  • What are the challenges? What are the rewards?
  • What can the wider religion and education community do to support classroom teachers? 
Brian Blackmore – Westtown School, West Chester, PA
John Camardella – Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect, IL
Celene Ibrahim – Groton School, Groton, MA
Jennifer O’Brian – Westtown School, West Chester, PA
Kelly O’Riley – Fern Creek High School, Louisville, KY
Chris Murray – Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Rockville, MD
Greg Soden – Mizzou Academy, online (housed in the University of Missouri’s College of Education)

teacher sitting on a stool in front of a largish group of students

Recent Events

The Search for the “Right” College: An Overview of White Evangelical College Decision-Making with Implications for Practice 

September 21, 2023 — Although white evangelicals have long been skeptical about non-sectarian higher education, the current climate in the United States necessitates a fresh look at possible sources of their beliefs. Edwards’s research seeks to understand how evangelical high school students navigate the college enrollment process in the current polarized climate.

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Developing Religious Literacy in Iowa Schools

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 — Mike Graziano, University of Northern Iowa

Developing local religious literacy programming can be both challenging and rewarding. In this session, Michael Graziano will provide a brief overview of the “Iowa Religious Literacy Program,” which provides professional development opportunities to Iowa public school teachers through addressing specific local religious literacy concerns.

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