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The Current State of Teaching about Religion in Higher Education and Related Humanities Indicators

Joshua Patterson, PhD

Thursday, January 28 - 3pm EST

What do American adults think about teaching K-12 students about religion? How often do American adults seek out information about religions other than their own? Dr. Joshua Patterson will discuss the findings from the recent report “Humanities in American Life: Insights for Religious Studies” (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) and make connections with the current state of teaching about religion in higher education.

Articles discussed:

A Deeper Look at Trends in Undergraduate and Graduate Religion Enrollments and Degree Completions (Religious Studies News)

The Humanities in American Life: A Survey of the Public’s Attitudes and Engagement (American Academy of Arts & Sciences)

The Importance of Attending to RSSIs in College Curricula (Joshua Patterson, Convergence Magazine 4:1, 2021, p. 5-13)


Presentation recording is available on request.

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