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Opportunities for Resource Sharing: Introducing the Humanities in Class Digital Library

Andy Mink, National Humanities Center

Wednesday, February 10 - 12pm (EST)

We are excited to welcome Andy Mink from the National Humanities Center to share about the Humanities in Class Digital Library. This initiative of the National Humanities Center provides access to curriculum resources across the humanities and helps to build bridges between the classroom and the academy. 

The challenge of improving access to high quality classroom materials about religious studies has been an ongoing topic of conversation within the REC. The Humanities in Class Digital Library is one way to advance that goal. During the session, we will discuss how the REC and individual members can contribute to this project and help educators access much needed resources. 

You are encouraged to create a free account ahead of the session for full access to the resources on the site. You can also join the Religion & Education Collaborative’s Group to help collect and curate resources.

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