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Religious literacy in teacher education: Faculty and preservice teachers’ perspectives

Erin Reid, McGill University

July 8, 2020, 2pm (ET)

Presentation Summary:

In this session, Erin Reid (PhD Candidate, McGill) will share some preliminary results from interviews with both faculty and preservice teachers from her doctoral research investigating the role of religious literacy as an educational aim for civic competency for Canadian teacher education programs. Focusing on emerging themes in the data, this session will invite participants to explore and compare regionally specific obstacles and strategies to incorporating religious literacy in teacher education.  

Presenter Bio:  

Erin Reid is an educator-researcher with a passion for bringing awareness to issues of religious diversity, equity, and education. Her doctoral research investigates the role of religious literacy as an educational aim in teacher education programs in Canada. This academic work is informed by her professional experience as an educator, curriculum developer, and teacher educator in higher education, including her current position as a Teaching Development Facilitator at the University of Lethbridge. Along with Alice W.Y. Chan and Sabrina Jafralie, she is also a Co-founder and Regional Director for the Centre of Civic Religious Literacy (CCRL). She is also the 2015 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Teaching in McGill’s School of Continuing Studies.  

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