Summer Institute for Educators: Imagining a Better World: Arts, Activism, and Social Justice

Summer Institute for Educators
July 29 – August 1, 2024
Harvard Divinity School
Deadline to Apply: April 1st, 2024. Register here!

Religion and Public Life is again partnering with Harvard’s Global Studies Outreach Committee to provide a four-day workshop for educators. The 2024 theme will be “Imagining a Better World: Arts, Activism, and Social Justice.”

In this workshop we will explore the role of imagination and creativity in promoting individual and collective agency and social change in varied global contexts, and the role of the arts in opening up new imaginative possibilities. We will investigate how imagination and the arts allow us to bring more critical consciousness to the status quo, step into differing experiences of the status quo, and to imagine and re-imagine different realities and futures. Religious literacy will be integrated into workshop content and pedagogical frameworks as educators are invited to consider how religion, along with the arts, offers both distinctive windows into understanding the world today as well as powerful alternative frameworks for reimagining it.

For more information, see the program web page.

  Deadline/Date: Application Deadline April 1st, 2024