Boniuk Institute’s 2024 Summer Educator Professional Development: “World Religions and Culture”

Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance

Rice University

June 11-13, 2024
via Zoom

In an era of globalization, mass media, and migration, religious literacy is increasingly important in the cultivation of global citizens. Religious literacy is the knowledge of, and ability to understand, engage, and encounter religion and philosophical beliefs from the perspective of believers. Educators, a public intellectuals, play a critical role in teaching the academic study of world religions, which allows us to address misunderstanding, stereotyping, and clashes of ignorance in our multi-racial, multi-cultural , and multi-religious global village.

World religions are incorporated into many of the state of Texas TEKS, such as World Cultures, World Geography, and World History, however teaching world religions and religious literacy in the classroom can be challenging for teachers.

The Boniuk Institute’s Educator Professional Development program for secondary school educators, held each spring, offers instruction and training to deepen content knowledge of different religions and successfully incorporate it in their classrooms. At no cost to educators or school districts, participants receive foundational religious literacy training and TEKS-aligned resources, which creates awareness and enables them to more confidently include and address the role of world religion in their classroom subject matter. Participating educators received continuing education credits at the completion of this series.

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  Deadline/Date: June 10, 2024