Online Workshop for Educators: Climate Justice and Religious Literacy

This spring Religion and Public Life at Harvard Divinity School (RPL) is offering free online workshops for educators on religious literacy, place-based knowledges and climate justice. Each workshop includes a self-paced module as well as a live session.

Climate Justice and Religious Literacy Live Workshop: Friday, May 6th, 2022, 1-5pm EST

The climate crisis is, in many ways, an unprecedented challenge for humanity. It is also a moment that invites critical questions about our past, our present, and our future possibilities. In this self-paced module and one-day workshop we will look at the “deep stories” that are told in response to these questions, and the role of religion and religious literacy in those narratives. We will explore how examination of those stories, and explorations in our own storytelling, can promote critical reflection on the role of power and structural peace and violence in climate conversations, as well as open up new imaginative possibilities and pathways to action. RPL Climate Justice Fellow Teresa Cavazos Cohn will join the conversation on May 6th. Dr. Cohn’s interdisciplinary work as a science communicator focuses on community storytelling work, Indigenous waters and human dimensions of wildfire.

This workshop includes a live session from 1-5pm EST on Fri, May 6th, as well as a self-paced online module with additional activities and resources. The online module will open by April 22, 2022.


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  Deadline/Date: May 6th, 2022