Online Religion Literacy Summer Institute for Educators from Harvard Divinity School

Colorful mural on brick building with the title Religious Literacy Summer Institute for Educators 2022

Self-Paced Course and Live Online Program

Wednesday, July 27 and Thursday, July 28, 2022 1-5 pm Eastern Time

About the 2022 Summer Institute
The Religious Literacy Summer Institute for Educators is an annual intensive professional development program for in-service educators at the high school and community college level. Educators are introduced to methods for teaching about religion in ways that are pedagogically rich and constitutionally sound, going beyond simply introducing foundational concepts in religious studies. The RPL uses critical pedagogy to teach about religion, using religion as a starting point for broader conversations about power, justice, and peace. Working with RPL staff as well as experienced classroom educators, Summer Institute participants learn how to use discussions about religion to help students critically examine the cultural norms and social structures they take for granted, and to imagine new possibilities for building a more inclusive democratic society.

The 2022 Summer Institute will include a seven-part self-paced online course, as well as two days of live, online programming with educators and RPL staff, July 27th and 28th 1-5pm Eastern Time. Due to limited space, not all applicants are guaranteed a spot in the live sessions, although all who apply will have access to the self-paced online modules. Attendance in the live session days will be based on participant applications.

Applications now open

Deadline to Apply: May 20th
Applicants will be notified about their admission to institute live sessions by May 30th.

What teachers said about the online Summer Institute:

“This institute has changed the way I will teach all of my classes. The principles of the Religious Literacy Project and the cultural studies method will help me and my students make everything we learn in the classroom more meaningful to life outside of the classroom.”“It was such a gift to move through the Summer Institute course with my peers and it provided the perfect opportunity for the sort of re-invigorating reflection that I needed going into my second year of teaching.”

“In my opinion, the format was just about perfect… I really appreciated seeing the comments from other learners and the dialogue and exchanges which followed. It was fascinating to read the discussions from a group with such diverse geographical and theological backgrounds.”
“I feel so prepared with tools to help my students critically engage in the world to develop their consciousness and connectedness to their own agency and creativity. I firmly believe because of these principles and ideas I have learned here my students will be more engaged citizens in the world that reproduce a democratic, justice-oriented society.”
“Although this was the RLP’s first year to hold the summer session online, the team created a robust learning environment and promoted interconnectivity among the educators. I have taught at a university for the last ten years, but have had few opportunities for this type of rich engagement and collaboration. The RLP conceptual framework promotes critical thinking and an understanding of the contextual nature of our cultural assumptions and behaviors, particularly with regard to religion. I have already begun to update my syllabus and assignments to reflect RLP methods.”
“Thank you so much for doing what you do and providing a place where hope and optimism can still live (a small statement for a large sentiment). I felt so validated and encouraged and inspired and that is hard to come by these days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“This was just a wonderful experience, and I firmly believe I will benefit from this for years to come, as will my students.”

  Deadline/Date: May 20th, 2022