Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute

The 33rd Teachers’ Institute is from June 19 to July 2, 2022.

Our goal is to enable educators to teach about Islam with greater confidence. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the basic tenets of Islam, and see firsthand how Islam works in the daily lives of the program’s Muslim faculty and staff.

Through discourse, study of texts, and interaction with Muslims, some of the questions we seek to address include:

  • How did Islam become the second largest world faith?
  • What should we know about Islam and Muslims in America today?
  • What are the common links between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
  • How does Islam view reform, diversity, and change?
  • How can one most effectively teach about Islam in the classroom?

The Program:

During our two-week residential Institute, we cover Islam from a normative perspective. Using primary texts and classical interpretations, university professors and Islamic scholars cover in depth and breadth…

  • Islamic faith & practice
  • History
  • Culture and civilization
  • Contemporary issues and world-view of Islam
  • Existing resources & curriculum for social studies, religion or world history classes

Participants, faculty, and staff benefit from interacting with each other (through our live sessions and online forum) during the program.

Although we accept applications on a rolling deadline, best consideration is given to those applications received by April 30th.


For questions and more information, please Contact us: InstituteDirector(at)daralislam.org

More information and application: http://daralislam.org/programs/education/teachers-institutes.aspx