The membership of the Religion & Education Collaborative includes over 150 researchers, educators, graduate students, and others whose work intersects with the topics of religion and schooling. 

Membership Questions

Who is eligible for REC membership? The REC is open to anyone who is interested in the intersections of religion and schooling. We are an interdisciplinary group with members working in K-12 schools (public and private), higher education, non-profits, and other organizations. We highly encourage graduate students to join and get involved.  

What are the membership benefits? Members receive a regular newsletter with information about REC seminars and opportunities as well as updates about events, publications, and opportunities across the field of religion and education. Members can opt-in to be featured in the member directory (see below) to connect with the wider network of scholars and practitioners working in on religion and education topics. 

Does it cost anything to join the REC? No, REC membership does not currently cost anything. You are welcome to donate to the REC support operational and program costs.

As of May 2023, REC members can be found in 29 US states, 3 Canadian provinces, and several countries around the world. 

The following members have agreed to be listed as part of the public directory to help facilitate networking and raise the visibility of our work. If you are a current member and wish to be included in this directory, please update or confirm your contact information to opt-in.