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Callid Keefe-Perry

Assistant Professor of Contextual Education and Public Theology (beginning July 2021)

Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry

How did you initially get interested/involved in the field of religion and education?

I was in active bi-vocational ministry (I had a day job and volunteered in the ministry) where my income-earning work was as a public school teacher. 

What are you working on right now?

This was a pretty hard year for me with job losses, hires, lots of transitions, and, you know, pandemic… I’m just glad to be stabilizing some and getting my feet under me to produce some good work and have classes up and running in a relatively normal way. Two exciting things are on the horizon. I have a substantive piece coming out in an upcoming issue of Religion & Education about the state of public theology’s engagement with public education. I also am about to launch a larger national study about connection between religious beliefs and views on education based on a pilot I ran last year. 


What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I used to be the co-owner of a community theater in Rochester, NY, where I taught and performed improv comedy for years. 


What are you reading (for research/teaching and pleasure) right now?

Public Theology Perspectives on Religion and Education edited By Manfred L. Pirner, Johannes Lahnemann, Werner Haussmann, Susanne Schwarz

What is your most recent professional accomplishment?

I was just hired to Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry as Assistant Professor of Contextual Education and Public Theology. I start there in July! 

How long have you been a member of the Religion & Education Collaborative?

Since before it was called the Collaborative and was just a “Working Group,” possibly 2016. As one of the few American theologians that studies public education I sometimes feel like my colleagues in fields other than Theology are sometimes suspicious of my intent and wonder if I’m secretly trying to get prayer into school or advocate for vouchers to be used for private religious schools (nope and nope). On the other side, my colleagues in Theology are sometime confused about why I study public education and not really the church. Part of the reason I like the REC is because the folks here largely get my jam and I appreciate that.


Are you interested in research collaboration? If so, in which topical areas?

Absolutely. Spirituality in schools, theological perspectives on schooling, or the importance of non-confessional religious literacy instruction from the perspective of an active minister (that’s me). Any of those are great.


Would you feel comfortable if REC members contacted you about your research or teaching?

Yes. Email:

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