REA Annual Meeting – July 2021

The Religious Education Association will hold its Annual Meeting online July 5-8, 2021. The theme for this year’s meeting is “Gender, Sexuality, and Wholeness.”

“As scholars and practitioners of Religious Education and as members of the Religious Education Association, we approach teaching and learning as a holistic endeavor, and that is what often sets our work apart from other theological and religious fields. Taking the etymology of Religion and Education seriously, we engage people‚Äôs wholeness beyond their cognition for gaining information.

“REA2021 invites participants to critically engage gender and sexuality as a fundamental way to pursue holistic religious teaching and learning. These are topics that are uncomfortable, difficult, or not encouraged, depending on contexts. We hope to avoid taking sides and, instead, explore the issues at stake, hold space for those in need, discuss topics with human wholeness in mind, and share healing and generative religious education models and approaches with one another.”

See website for coming information on registration and details about the online event.

  Deadline/Date: July 5-9, 2021