Special Issue: Integrating Technology in Religious and Moral Education

Integrating Technology in Religious and Moral Education

This Special Issue (SI) explores the theoretical and practical implications of integrating technology in religious and moral education, teaching about religion and ethics, and other initiatives for fostering religious literacy. The issue focuses both on the potential technology has for solving challenges in the field and on new challenges presented by its availability and use. Combining rigorous theoretical consideration with innovative empirical exploration, the aim is to develop new practices for, approaches to, and perspectives on the intersections of religion, education, and technology.

This call invites theoretical and empirical papers that explore the possibilities and challenges of integrating technology in religious and moral education. We aim to include contributions offering perspectives from a variety of global contexts, from different parts of the confessional/non-confessional spectrum and from all levels of teaching, including higher education. The scope of the SI is inclusive to facilitate scholarly explorations across different fields and theoretical perspectives. The guest editors invite scholars, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from a range of disciplinary perspectives interested in technology and religious and moral education, including Religious Studies, Worldview Education, Diversity Education, Experiential Education, Values Education, Theology, and Intercultural Education.

We invite the following kinds of contributions to the exploration and discussion of integrating technology in religious and moral education:

  • Empirical studies of teaching practices in pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher education
  • Studies of interventions with methodological approaches such as educational design research or action research
  • Theoretical or philosophical studies, including different forms of critical perspectives
  • Literature reviews
  • Studies comparing teaching practices that integrate technology with traditional teaching practices
  • Analyses of stakeholders’ understanding of and attitudes to integrating technology in religious and moral education (teachers, policy etc.)

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Inge AnderslandWestern Norway University of Applied Sciences

Knut AuklandOslo Metropolitan University

Xin Zhu LiNational Taipei University of Technology

Xin KangNingboTech University in China

Kate SoulesReligion & Education Collaborative

This post expires on Friday August 23rd, 2024

  Deadline/Date: August 2024