Call for Chapters Edited Volume: Religious Literacy in the Public Sphere

Chapter proposals are invited for an edited volume Religious Literacy in the Public Sphere. This book project will explore:

  • what religious literacy means and looks like in different contexts;
  • why religious literacy matters in today’s social and political landscapes; 
  • how to endorse the development of religious literacy in the public sphere.  

The book will provide an overview of the current scholarship on religious literacy and its applications in public life for both scholars and practitioners. Religious literacy is an emerging, interdisciplinary, and applied field. We seek to continue the conversations that have developed over the past decade and a half and consider how religious literacy matters and fits into ever-changing social and political landscapes. Crucially, we seek conversation about and recommendations for actionable steps for promoting religious literacy in the public sphere. 

We are open to a wide range of types of submissions, including theoretical analysis, empirical research, reflections on practice, case studies, and critical discussions. We encourage submissions from diverse geographic, professional, and scholarly contexts.

Your proposal submission should include:

  • Abstract (approx. 250-500 words)
  • Biography written in third person (approx. 250 words)
  • A current CV

Submissions are due no later than May 31, 2023 to Dr. Sabrina D. MisirHiralall at and Dr. Kate E. Soules at

You will receive notification by June 7, 2023 regarding the status of your proposal. Full papers will be due by Monday, July 31, 2023. If your chapter is accepted, you will be asked to participate in a peer review process. 

  Deadline/Date: May 31, 2023