Teaching Religious Studies and Religious Literacy for College Students

Gene Gallagher is the Rosemary Park Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Connecticut College and founding director of the Joy Shechtman Mankoff Center for Teaching & Learning. He is also a co-chair of the new AAR effort to create guidelines about what every two- and four-year college graduate should know about the study of religion. He also contributed an excellent chapter in…

Ethics and Religious Culture: Teacher Education in Quebec

Dr. Jafralie shares about the history and current status of the Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC) program in Quebec. She has taught the ERC curriculum since its initial implementation in 2008 and also teaches pre-service teachers about the curriculum. Her research examines the need for more teacher education about religion in Quebec in order to improve the treatment of the ERC curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

Fall 2018 Check-in Meeting

Members of the Religion & Education Collaborative provide summaries of the projects they are currently working on. Presenters include: Alice Chan, Ryan Gardner, Gayle Pagnoni, Ben Marcus, and Kate Soules.

National Policies & Guidelines for Religion & Education in Albania

We take turns sharing updates about our work and the year ahead before a presentation by Ben Marcus about his experience in June 2018 creating national policies and guidelines for religion and education in Albania, generously funded by a Fulbright Specialist grant.

Updates from Members of the Religion and Education Collaborative

In this meeting, members of the Religion and Education Collaborative give updates on their work across many different fields, including recent conference presentation, educational initiatives, and research projects. Watch the recording to hear about all of the exciting work that members of the collaborative are doing to advance research on religion and education.

Teaching About Religion in Texas

Dr. Gayle Pagnoni shares her experiences creating a partnership between the Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance at Rice University and the Houston Independent School District. Gayle has taught in secondary and tertiary education for over a decade, and holds a doctorate in Religion from the University of Florida.

Religious Literacy from Community Groups

To date, our Religion and Education Collaborative webinars have focused on religious literacy in public and private schools, and in higher education. To inform ourselves of the valuable work that is also done in these contexts by community groups and NGOs, our June 7 call welcomed two representatives from the Kaur Foundation, Mirin Phool, co-founder and president, and Dr. Pritpal Kaur Ahluwalia, Associate Director of Education and Community Development. They presented on the origins of the foundation and the religious literacy efforts they have established with teachers and schools in the US, especially vis-à-vis instruction about Sikhism.