June 22nd: Upload 2020 Papers

The American Educational Research Association encourages 2020 presenters to utilize the online paper repository and interactive presentation gallery to feature their papers and posters. The due date for uploading 2020 papers is Monday, June 22, 2020.

June 22nd: Complete 2020 Members' Survey

Monday, June 22 is the same due date for you to complete the annual Religion & Education SIG Members’ Survey, where you can share your accomplishments and announcements. Examples include: Awards, Invitations to Collaborate, Organizational Developments, Funding, Positions, Presentations, Publications, Teaching, and Personal Announcements.

July 22nd: 2021 Call for Submissions

In this context of changes to the 2020 conference, we have received thoughtful questions about whether 2020 presenters can resubmit their same papers/sessions for next year. AERA’s reply is as follows, according to page 19 of the 2021 call for submissions:

AERA has asked that only completed work that has not been previously published or presented at another professional meeting be submitted. Do not submit proposed or incomplete research. Work that was accepted for the AERA 2020 Annual Meeting is considered to have already been presented (we encourage accepted presenters to upload their paper to the repository, where it will be assigned a DOI). Although you may submit continuations or derivations of that work, resubmissions of last year’s submissions will not be considered.

NEW Submissions are accepted online only at Login, click My AERA, and scroll down to the 2021 Annual Meeting and click “Online Program Portal.”

The submission system closes on July 22, 2020, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Welcome to Religion and Education, a special interest group (SIG) of the American Education Research Association. According to Article IV. of the bylaws, the purposes of the Religion and Education are:

1. To provide an academic and research forum to present and discuss diverse issues relevant to religious education and the relationship between faith and educational outcomes;

2. To provide an academic and interdisciplinary research forum to present and discuss issues about the role religion has played, does play, and should play in the public and private school experience;

3. To encourage the presentation of high quality quantitative and/or qualitative research, as well as other types of academic interdisciplinary inquiry, into issues of religious education, personal faith and school-based and school-related academic and behavioral outcomes;

4. To promote the idea that people of faith and religious conviction should have “a place at the table” in terms of federal, state, and local education policy originating from the government, school, and all other policy-making forums;

5. To increase multicultural communication and understanding between people of different denominations and faiths; and

6. To provide a safe space for people of faith and all religion-related viewpoints to safely communicate their research results and perspectives on faith without fear of being disparaged because of their views.

Annual Meeting

The American Educational Research Association has cancelled the AERA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. Read More >>

SIG Leadership

  • Nathan C. Walker, Chair/ (5/1/2020 – 4/30/2023), 1791 Delegates, Philadelphia, PA
  • Charles J. Russo, Program Chair (5/1/2020 – 4/30/2023), University of Dayton, Dayton, OH


In order to participate in our Special Interest Group (SIG) you will need to have (1) an active membership with the American Educational Research Association and (2) an active membership with SIG 84 Religion & Education. For directions on how to join both visit the AERA Membership page. Membership Dues: Non-Students: $10 and Students: $5.


Distinguished Scholar Award

  • 2019 Michael D. Waggoner University of Northern Iowa
  • 2017 Zehavit Gross Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • 2015 William H. Jeynes California State University, Long Beach
  • 2013 Nicholas Piediscalzi Wright State University

Emerging Scholar Award

  • 2019 Kevin J. Burke University of Georgia
  • 2017 Matthew Mayhew New York University
  • 2015 Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach North Carolina State University

Dissertation-of-the-Year Award

  • 2020 W. Y. Alice Chan, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, “Exploring a Potential Connection between Religious Bullying and Religious Literacy in Modesto and Montreal Public Schools”
  • 2018 Kimberly Rebecca Logan, University of Georgia, “Unpacking Religious Understandings in Teachings: Christian Pre-Service Teachers’ Narratives of Calling, Love, and Relationships”
  • 2014 Tiffani A. Riggers-Piehl, University of California, Los Angeles, “Enhancing Classrooms and Conversations: How Interactions with Faculty Predict Change in Students’ Spirituality in College”
  • 2012 P. Jesse Rine, University of Virginia, “Pluralism, Provisionally, & Faith: Christian College Persistence in the Postmodern Turn”
  • 2008 Jason Eric Nelson-Brown, University of Washington, “The Key of the Kingdom: How teacher beliefs about religion impact their experiences teaching”
  • 2006 James M. M. Hartwick, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “An investigation into the spiritual, religious, and prayer lives of Wisconsin public school teachers: The inner life of the teacher”

Members' Accomplishments

Share you professional accomplishments with the SIG by completing the annual survey. Share information about the awards you’ve received; post invitations to collaborate; share about your organization’s developments; list funding awards or fundraising efforts; list new appointments/positions; share information about your professional presentations; and share news about your publications and teaching accomplishments.



Leadership Opportunities

Call for Nominations: April 6, 2020––The special election is now open for the following positions for the board of the Religion & Education SIG of the American Educational Research Association.

  • Assistant Chair/Chair-Elect (3 years)
  • Assistant Program Chair / Program Chair-Elect (3 years)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (1 year)
  • Executive Committee Member (1 year)
  • Executive Committee Member (1 year)
  • Graduate Student Representative (1 year, non-voting)

If interested, please send Dr. Nathan C. Walker your full name, title, affiliation, and 200 word biographical sketch.

AERA Policy: “The biographical sketch accompanying each ballot shall be the primary mechanism for a candidate to provide the AERA voting membership with information regarding his/her qualifications. Biographical sketches (with or without personal statements) of candidates are limited to… 200 words.”

Please note, “AERA policy requires that all elections be competitive. Meaning, there must be two or more candidates for each elected office. Only Regular Members of AERA can run for office. Graduate students can only serve in positions designated for graduate students (i.e. Graduate Student Representative.) Candidates must also be current members of the SIG and of AERA to serve as an officer.”


  • April 6, 2020: Call for Nominations.
  • May 1, 2020: Due Date for Nomination Submission.
  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020: Election opens.
  • Wednesday, June 24, 2020: Election closes.
  • Late-June/Early-July 2020: AERA Central office will notify candidates and SIG Chairs of the election results, and election results will be posted on the AERA website.

Publishing Opportunities invites SIG members to contribute a dynamic list of publishing opportunities.

Funding Opportunities invites SIG members to contribute a list of funding opportunities.

A Living Bibliography invites SIG members to contribute to a living bibliography to help emerging and established scholars share research resources. 

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