Lesson 2. Build the Grid

Step A. Prepare the Space

  • Visibly post the 3Rs Oath. Set aside the grid cards in plastic sheets. Set aside the 3Rs fill-in-the-blank Oath

Step B. Review the 3Rs

  • Motivate: Form a circle. Begin with an affirmation. Express your gratitude for how they shared stories of religious-based bullying during the first session. Explain that they are in the second of the five sessions needed to earn the 3Rs Ambassadors patch. 
  • Recite: Read aloud and at once the 3Rs Oath.

Step C. Introduce the Religions

  • Activate: First, ask students to list names of religions.
  • Organize: Based on their answers, use the pre-printed pages in plastic sheets to layout the religious groups in the following order. Include non-religion to make the point that everyone has rights, including the right not to identify as religious. For the sake of time, explain that this curriculum does not include all religions. Should parents/administrators ask, explain that these religious groups were selected to reflect the most common religious encounters that students are likely to experience in the their school curriculum and in the United States.
  • Explain: Read aloud the brief story of the origins of these religions and their symbols. Engage them in a conversation.
  • Elicit: Record their questions. You are not expected to know the answers. In fact, we encourage you to model for the students how it is okay not to know. The purpose is to remain curious. Explain that you will work together to explore their questions over the next few sessions.
  • Reach Out: Do you have questions? Call us. Do your students have questions? Schedule a time to put us on speaker phone. We are ready and able to take your call.

Step D. Close with a Retention Challenge

  • Connect: Return to the conversation about religious-based bullying and its different forms––verbal, social, physical, or online bullying. Connect what they have learned about the religions and about bullying to the 3Rs. Explain that everyone has the right to be religious or not. Explain that everyone has the responsibility to protect the rights of others, including for people who are different. Explain that it is important to create a respectful school environment where everyone matters, where everyone belongs.
  • Motivate: Congratulate them on completing the second of the five lessons toward earning the 3Rs Ambassadors Patch.
  • Recall: Close the lesson by taking down the 3Rs Oath and holding up the fill-in-the-blank Oath. Invite the students to read it aloud and together.

Resources for Lesson 2

Script: Introduce Six World Religions

This script is age appropriate for teachers to read aloud to 8–10 year olds. However, the following additional resources are designed to cultivate teachers’ religious literacy.

Download Timeline

Animated Map


Examine global demographics at the Pew-Temple Global Religious Futures Project

Primer: Hinduism

Primer: Judaism

Primer: Buddhism

Primer: Christianity

Primer: Sikhism

Primer: Islam