is a hub for individuals and organizations working at the intersections of religion and education. At present, this site hosts three unique programs, the Religion & Education Collaborative, the @ReligionAndEd Consortium, and the 3Rs Ambassadors Curriculum. Connect with our growing community by contributing to the Resource Library or participating in an upcoming event. 

Upcoming REC Events

RE Teachers and Academic Knowledge on Facebook

October 28, 2020 – Knut Aukland will discuss an ongoing study of a Norwegian RE teacher group on Facebook. This research examines teacher engagement with researcher, research, and academic knowledge and the relationship between academic and practitioner knowledge

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Mentoring Roundtable

November, 18, 2020 – This session will begin an ongoing conversation about mentoring in the field of religion and education. Topics of Discussion will include: areas of professional development, research and publishing mentoring, and building a network of mentor-mentee relationships.

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Additional Events and Opportunities

Religious Studies Project
A weekly podcast examining topics in the contemporary study of religion.
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Civic Online Reasoning Curriculum
A series of lessons and video from the Stanford History Education Group to teach students to evaluate online information.
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Religion & Education Collaborative

The Religion and Education Collaborative is a collegial space for graduate students and early-career and established scholars to share ideas involving research about religion and education in the U.S. and around the globe.

@ReligionAndEd Consortium

The @ReligionAndEd Consortium is a network of prominent organizations that advances the academic study of religion and education in the United States and around the world.

3Rs Ambassadors Curriculum

Rights • Responsibility • Respect -- The 3Rs Ambassadors curriculum is a religious literacy program that empowers 3rd-5th graders to counter religious-based bullying.